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Myers Shelly Myers, Second Grade

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My name is Shelley Myers. I am the second grade teacher at St. Matthew's. I have been at St.Matthew's since 1996. I currently coach girls' volleyball and girls' basketball. I have coached the girls' softball as well. I have enjoyed directing and helping direct school musicals. Before coming to St. Matthew's I taught at Faith Lutheran School in Fond du Lac, WI for eight years. There I taught third grade for three years and second grade for seven years. Three and seven doesn't add up to eight! While teaching third grade for two years I also had half of the second grade class. (Now the math should add up.) While there I also coached the A and B squads of girls basketball, the girls softball, and freshmen volleyball and WLA (for four years). Another activity that I led was a sign language class for those interested within the grades of three through eight.


I grew up in Jefferson, WI. I lived there for almost seventeen years. There I attended St. John's Lutheran grade school. Afterwards I attended Jefferson Senior High School for 3 years. Then my father decided to go into his own plumbing business. (Just think, I'm a PK - plumber's kid.) We packed up and moved to the northwestern part of the state. I finished one year of high school at Boyceville. (WHERE??!) Although I attended public high school, the Lord led me to become one of His workers. It was on to DMLC (now known as MLC). At college I was involved in Sign Language Club, and on the Basketball and Softball teams. I also enjoyed intramurals when they were available. After college I was called to teach at Faith in Fond du Lac. From there I was called to St. Matthew's. I very much enjoy teaching His precious lambs. My own interests include: reading, playing a variety of sports, making crafts, and almost anything outdoors. Another favorite of mine is visiting my family. I have 13 nieces and nephews. Spending time with them is great but never often enough.


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