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We are glad that you are interested in setting up a formal computer curriculum for your school! Setting up a computer curriculum is different when compared to other conventional curriculums. Each school has developed its own software library to suit its own particular hardware. When you consider all of the different choices for both software and hardware, you start to get an idea of the myriad possibilities that exist for computer technology. What might serve as a complete curriculum for one school will not even address the needs of another.
This curriculum was developed to aid teachers in implementing a computer curriculum in their schools. It is to be understood that with the tremendous variety of hardware and software one "curriculum for computers" is impossible. This curriculum was written primarily for the Apple Macintosh computers. For this reason each school will need to modify or add to this curriculum to make it work in their school.

The units presented are designed to work across platforms (different computer systems). With this in mind the creative computer coordinator will be able to implement this curriculum into the school regardless of the system being used. It is up to the computer coordinator to properly implement this curriculum. If a school does not currently have a computer coordinator, we strongly urge the school to designate one.

We hope that this curriculum helps your school implement a successful computer curriculum.

Peter A. Markgraf & Eric J. Paulsen


This introduction is intended to give one an idea of how to use the different sections of this curriculum package. The different components include: Acceptable Use Policy, Curriculum Outline, Glossary of Terms, Grade Units, and Scope & Sequence.

  1. Acceptable Use Policy: This policy describes what is acceptable use of the computer network at St. Matthew's including use of the Internet.
  2. Curriculum Outline: This is a overview of the entire curriculum. This includes a glossary of computer terms and a description of the objectives listed in the scope & sequence.
  3. Glossary of Terms: This gives a comprehensive list of the computer terms that are used within the curriculum as well as those that should be used when teaching the units.
  4. Grade Units: These list the proficiency objectives for each unit as well as give additional comments or suggestions for the implementation of the units.| K | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 |
  5. Scope & Sequence: This is a one page table listing the specific objectives and skills for grades K-8. This chart uses the I, R, M system. I=Introduce, R=Reinforce, and M=Master/Maintain. Introduce is for the first exposure the students will have to this objective. Reinforce is used when an objective will be reviewed and extended. Master/Maintain is used for objectives that the students will master and maintain while in elementary school. Please note that not all of the objectives will be mastered by the eighth grade. Many skills will continue to be developed through college.

Student Weekly Computer Time

This chart is designed to give the teacher a guide to follow when setting up a computer schedule for the students. It is understood that not all classroom situations will allow for this amount of time and that there will be others that may exceed this. This is one example of where too much is never enough. In the situations where computer time is just not there, many students will be willing to work before school, during recess, or even after school. This puts a burden on the teacher as far as supervision goes, but the benefits to the student are well worth it.

Student On-Time
Grade Computer Time/Week
K 30 Minutes
1 30 Minutes
2 30 Minutes
3 45 Minutes
4 45 Minutes
5 45 Minutes
6 45 Minutes
7 90 Minutes
8 90 Minutes

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