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Grade 1 Units

The students will review the five major parts of a computer, proper care of software and hardware, and identify letters and numbers on the keyboard. The students will use a mouse. The students will begin to use appropriate terms when talking about the computer. They will also start using simulation programs to help develop problem solving skills. The students, under the guidance of their teacher, will use the web to enhance and extend other school curriculum areas.


Unit 1 - Review Parts of a Computer System

Proficiency Goals

  • Students will review names of computer components. (I.A)
  • Students will review the skills in handling computer components and software. (II.D)


Teacher will build upon and reinforce skills taught in kindergarten. Teachers should use visuals for greater effect. Don't assume the students remember everything.



Unit 2 - Keyboard Basics

Proficiency Goals

  • Students will make the correlation between the letters of the alphabet and the symbols on the keyboard. (II.A)
  • Students will make the correlation between the numbers and the symbols on the keyboard. (II.A)
  • Students will begin to write words on the computer. (II.B)
  • Students will develop mouse techniques. (II.E)


Try to use a variety of software that encourages students to type full words rather than just letters. Try to use software that allows students to print out results or writing they have done. To introduce the use of the mouse to the students simply allow them to run the "Mouse Basics" application.



Unit 3 - Using Commercial Software

Proficiency Goals

  • Students will use the Finder to launch commercial software. (III.A)
  • Students will extend their skills in other curriculum areas by using the computer for drill and practice activities. (III.B)
  • Students will develop problem solving skills through the use of simulation programs. (III.C)


Teacher should launch the different applications for the students. Teacher should be familiar with each of the applications that the students are using. Use this to try to extend students skills, not as a baby sitter.



Unit 4 - Introduction to the Internet

Proficiency Goals

  • Students will use the World Wide Web to extend upon other school curriculum areas. (III.I)
  • Students will use a list of teacher selected bookmarks for an introduction to "surfing." (III.I)


Teacher should prepare lessons in other curriculum areas that can be enhanced with resources found on the World Wide Web. To introduce the students to browsing the web, have a very limited list of bookmarks to choose from and allow each to student to explore those sites using the hypertext links.

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