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St. Matthew's Lutheran Elementary Computer Curriculum (ECC)

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Welcome to the St. Matthew's Elementary Computer Curriculum. Please click on the link for Foreword to read the authors' comments before continuing on. Once you are familiar with how this site is set up and how to navigate from page to page, you can bookmark this index as a good starting point for referencing this curriculum. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions please E-mail Eric J. Paulsen or Peter A. Markgraf.

Links to Curriculum Guides

Foreword and Introduction

St. Matthew's Acceptable Use Policy for Computers

Scope and Sequence for the Curriculum

Outline Guide to the objectives in the Scope and Sequence

Glossary of terms used throughout the Curriculum

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Kindergarten Units

Grade 1 Units

Grade 2 Units

Grade 3 Units

Grade 4 Units

Grade 5 Units

Grade 6 Units

Grade 7 Units

Grade 8 Units

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